Onyx Professionals


Mitzi Scalera

Stylist Mitzi has over 10 years experience and it shows through her assertive and confident nature. She enjoys doing natural colors, and haircuts for men and women. To view mitzi’s work please view her professional facebook page HERE

Saba Madhoun

  Junior Stylist Born and raised in Jordan, Saba is influenced by multi-cultural style and fashion. Although she is new to the industry, Saba is as personable as she is talented and always gives a great Onyx experience.

Ariel Weddle

 Stylist Ariel may be the quiet type, but she has tons of natural skill to balance that out. She enjoys the wide variety of hair services but especially loves doing Vivid Colors. To see Ariel’s work please visit her professional facebook page HERE.

Renée Atkinson

Stylist Renée is a seasoned stylist that is experienced in men and women’s styles, and is especially skilled in advanced coloring. She is passionate about the beauty industry and it surely shows in her work. To view Renée’s work please view her professional facebook page HERE and her professional Instagram HERE.

Kate Lagueux-Dever

Designer/ Color Specialist/ Owner/ Manager/ Head of Education Kate has been in the beauty industry since 2003. She was a platform artist & educator for RUSK from 2004-2009. In January of 2006, Kate zealously created &  opened Onyx to provide exceptional service and salon experiences with a first-class team of stylists. Kate is a confident, … Continue reading Kate Lagueux-Dever

Erika McMorris

Certified Massage Therapist Erika has 7 years of massage therapy experience but her skill and knowledge is far beyond those years. She is also certified to perform aromatherapy, prenatal massage, rotator cuff injury massage, Reiki, massage for cervical pain, and client stretching.  Her list of continuing education is sure to impress and continues to grow … Continue reading Erika McMorris

Heather Hayslett

Junior Stylist/Makeup Artist Heather is a new licensed hairstylist with great prices and a overflowing passion for the beauty industry. Her personality and natural talent will not disappoint. To view pictures of her work you can visit her professional facebook page here.

Jessica Dann

Junior Stylist Jessica is a new licensed hair stylist with great prices. She was trained entirely at Onyx and has shown an incredible natural talent for hair color. Her fun personality and can-do attitude is sure to enhance your Onyx experience. To view her work you can visit her professional facebook page here.